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Karina Delux

Customers rated Karina Delux 5.0 out of 5 based on 40 reviews

Try everything you can today , tomorrow is just a promise .
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Kings are back

May 11th @ 1:20pm EDT

It was such a long time since we did not played ouer King contest . .. But they will be back , i missed them.
Ok . let's talk les and play more ;) .

What is the King Contest you will ask . Well the kings contests it's a way that allow me to reward the most generous of you . So the prizes will be :

1. King of the day ... 10 FREE min PVT + 1 week Fan Club subscription
2. King of the week .... 20 FREE min PVT + 2 weeks Fan Club subscription
3 . King of the mounth ..40 FREE min Pvt + one mounth Fan Club subscription .

But don't be surprised that just by being nice to be one of my kings . It means a lot to me to be surrounded by nice people and i will do my best to keep you close

Happy lovely month to you

Feb 5th @ 9:40am EST

This will be a s hort blog , this time .
Well .. february will be a hell month for you guys ;) . You will run like crazy between offering hurts to your favorite ones and making a nice dinner surprise to your loved ones .. And all those just hoping for a great sex night hahhaah. I will not stress you even more saying that february 14 is my birthday .. yea you understood well ,i was birth on Valentine's Day . Sometimes is nice , sometimes is like life is making fun of me hahaha. Com on Valentine's Day ??? .. even being in a relation i will never get gifts for both occasions in the same day hahahaha. So my gift to me this month will be becoming Socialite model , i am not far but i am not there yet neither . Beside that let's go with the wind , what will be will be .. important is that at least 60% of us to have great sex during Valentine's Night hahahahah

About my room

Jan 20th @ 7:15am EST

I don't know if it was me or you or all of us but last month was little "strange " . People visiting my page for hours without ever talking Not even Hello , Ass , Titts ( you know basical things :))))) ) And first i thought " oh , well .. they came here observed me for a while .. i s not the type .. so thats why " .. but thats not true because they came back the next day and the day after but still silent .I know there was a huge contest that i was not part of it because i am way to new model in here .I know and i so much appreciate that you support help and enjoy your favorites girls in her .That's so nice of you , and i really mean it ..i would like to have that one day me too ..But please guys try to were my shoes , a talk addicted woman ;) . while you are on my page .. you see me ,you follow my conversations , but me i see nothing else than a nickname. It will be so nice to say hello , or answer when i salute you As i like to say "Tipping is optional , saying HI is mandatory " :)
Ok , enough for now it is really frustrating when it happens like this but i am sure you got it :) . And i am also sure that we will fix our problems and we will manage to be a great bunch of closest or not that closest friends . Kisses .. see you there!

Everyone all right ?

Jan 20th @ 6:52am EST

Ok .. Christmas , gone , New Year gone even first half of January is gone so we are all of us all right now ?
Can we settle down for a while :) ? At least those few weeks before St Valentine's ( wich by the way it is also my Birthday :) )
when everyone will go crazy again :)))

Jnuary Kings

Jan 11th @ 12:54pm EST

They January Kings contest
I was in vacation for one week , but i am back now . And as i am back i took some time to look back in statistics and see the Kings for the first week of January .
As i already told you .. King of the day ( the best tiper of the day ) get 10 free pvt min + 5 days Fc subscription and the King of the week( the most generous tipper in one week ) get 20 free pvt minutes and 10 days FC subscriptions .
I also think to reward the biggest tip ( a flood or not) and the most funny and supportive of you guys .
I will think about and i will be back with news .
In the time check your mail boxes for the cods .. my Kings ;)
Kiss you all !!

November Lessons

Nov 30th @ 3:57am EST

What i learned this month ?! .. I learned ( again ) that you never have to say "NEVER" . I learned that life can surprise you even when you think it is nothing left to surprise you anymore .That it can crush you down and then make you fly in the same day . ( that's so crazy about life .. i hate it when it do that :)))) , it doesn't even give you time to take a deep breath between ).
My targets for this month were :
1. 400 fans ( i really don't like this term , but i saw that it is often used in here .. i prefer to say "people who are interested in my mind&body ;;) .. ...CHECKED (406)
2. "High Demand " credit level ....CHECKED
3 50 followers on my KarinaDeLux1 twitter ...NOT CHECKED
4. Meet nice quality people ...CHECKED
5. Laugh till my checks will hurt . Because " if you cant make her laugh , how can you expect make her cum "..CHECKED ..CHECKED ( I laugh and i cum :))) )

4 OUT OF 5 ... Tats so greattt !!! .. Thank you so much guys !! Kisses to all of you , and special kisses to my "kings ". You guys were great ! I like to have you around , you make me smile , you make me laugh, you let me build my own design world in here .

Don't forget kings contest run during December too

December King

Nov 24th @ 9:40am EST

As you know last weeks happend Kings contest .. it was a lot of fun and i am so lucky and proud having my Kings around ..Thank you guys!!!

But December is the month of joy and giving , that's why i was thinking at some more ;). The contest will start today , Sunday 24th November and end on 22nd December .

The categories of kings :

1. the best tipper of the day ( up of 333 cr) .. get the title of KING OF THE DAY. 10 free minutes pvt 5 days free subscription in my Fan Club

2. the best tipper of the week ... will get the KING OF THE WEEK title ..30 min free Pvt + 5 minutes Control access over my Nora toy and 7 days free subscription in my Fan Club

3. The best tipper of the month .. it will be my DECEMBER KING. He will get 1h free pvt +10 min Control access over Nora Toy and 1 month Fan Club subscription

what means to me to be a cam woman

Nov 17th @ 9:20am EST

Not even 2 months in here , but so glad i used to come . I was not easy , and i thought so many time to quiet at the begin ( thank you for those who encourage you to stay ). Last 2 weeks showed me a different face of this place than i knew ..i met so many nice people .Few rude ones and some exceptional ones .
Why i like to be here and why i am coming ? .. to set my self free .. to dare to say , act and try things that i never thought i will .
I am woman , and thank God not such a young one ( i made some mistakes back then ) so i want t now am wanted , desired with passion.
I like imagine passion growing in your veins and hearth pup up watching me ! i love to imagine your arms running all over my body , touching me , caressing me , pinching me , discovering secret places and taste them . It is so crazy exciting!!
I love the magic of this "unknown " (.... continue in fan club ..)

The Kings

Nov 9th @ 11:12am EST

Hello again .
While i am home and not online , i had thinking at something .. what about , for now on , if my room will have a "king of the day " and a "king of the week " ? :)
The title of "king of the day " will be for the one who will spend the biggest amount in my room in a single day ( it will have o be over 333 cedits) and he will get 10 min of free pvt and 7 days subscription in my Fab Club
The " king of the week " will get 40 minutes of free pvt and one mount free subscription in my Fan Club IF he will spend at least 2222

I try to make it fun and interactive .. With my talk addictions it get me nuts when when people don't talk with me . There have to be a low against that :))))

Hello November

Nov 1st @ 11:06am EDT

Hello , new month just begun .I wish to be a good one for all of us. And because me i am the kind of person who work better on short period targets, i had fixed for my self some targets for those first 10 days of November .
And my targets are..:
1. Reaching 400 people who will add me in them favorites lists and notifications ( 274 right now )
2. Being fallowed by 50 persons on my Twitter @KarinaDeLux ( 11 right now)
3. Touching "High Demand " credit level (49.184 credits left )
4. Meet some good quality people and make some friends
5. Laugh till my checks will hurt . Coz " if you cant make her laugh , how can you expect make her cum " . right ??

So will help me reaching my goals ??

OHH .. I forgot!

We will also have some rewards too ;)

And here they are

1. For the first 3 most active of you, one month free FanClub memberships
2. 10 FREE MIN PVT for the 3th best tipper
3. 20 FREE MIN PVT for the 2nd best tipper
4 30 FREE MIN PVT for the 1ST best tipper
And of course free FanClub memberships for 1st , 2nd and 3th best tippers

Let's do it guys . Lets have a colorful and blessing November !!

Here to stay !!

Oct 25th @ 8:49am EDT

Hello guys this is my very first blog ever in my life ! I am here since less then one month . I have to admit it was not easy being new in this place , and at one point i though i will quite even if i liked this place from the very first day but i did not new if on the other side of the screen people were pleasant to see and welcome me here . So , as a new entry model i created that " tip target " challenge :) .
WEll .. i dont know if because new or just because this is how it is but i may say ...that you don't feel that charity :)) .
That's ok guys , we will get to know each other better and things will be easier . Anyway in the time i did such a good job and i improved my performance here . So at this very moment i am just 7.995 credits away of "First Base ". I am so happy for that.
Looks like i am here to stay :)
I like this place a lot it is a nice atmosphere ( even if many of you are so reticent on talking with me ... it is ok guys i am not biting you . Imagine that for me is even more strange . I dont see you on the other side , all i have are just few nicknames on my wall who stay there (and it make me wandering if the people behind them are appreciating or criticizing me) But i am just like you , here to meet new people , try new things , discover new experiences , finding myself and set me free
Kiss you all , see you soon !!

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